Canada Work Permit, or a Work Visa, is issued to eligible outsiders to work in that country for a specific time period.

One can apply for a Work Visa only after getting a job offer or an employment contract from a Canadian employer. The employer must obtain from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), which gives them permission to recruit foreign skilled workers for occupations that cannot be filled in by citizens or permanent residents of Canada.


As one of the world’s leading economies, Canada is a great destination for those seeking to work abroad. The Canadian Work Permit Visa allows business people, permanent workers, temporary workers, students and others to work in Canada. Typically, applicants need to have a job offer in hand in order to apply for the work permit visa. With our end-to-end overseas career solutions, Gillz Immigration can help you find a job and apply for a Canadian Work Permit Visa.



As one of the world’s most influential countries, Australia has large requirement for skilled talent. Make the most of this opportunity by applying for an Australian Work Visa. With our years of experience with Australian Visa processes, Gillz Immigration is the perfect partner to help you launch your career in Australia.


    Stable economy growing at 2.5% every year on average

    Job opportunities in multiple sectors

    High minimum wage & great savings opportunity

    Exceptional social benefits like free healthcare

•  Beautiful cities with vibrant multicultural life




The Schengen visa allows migrants to travel throughout the 26 EEA countries (European Economic Area), which make up the Schengen area. This visa is a primarily mean for short stays of 90 days or less. A visitor who qualifies for a Schengen visa may travel throughout all countries in the Schengen region.

Most European states have their programs, through which they tend to lure foreign professionals and fill job shortages in different fields in the country. Anyone who meets the criteria and requirements set by the European countries can work in Europe. Gillz Immigration can help you find a job and apply for a Schengan Work Permit Visa.

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If you are moving to the US for work-related reasons, you will need to get yourself a work visa. Work visa acts as a work permit, allowing you to live and work in the US. Thus, you do not need to get any additional documents in order to start working in the country.


    E-1/2/3: Traders

    E-2: Investors

    E-3: Special occupation professionals from Australia

    H-1B: Special occupation professionals

    H-1C: Registered nurses

    H-2A/B: Agricultural workers

    H-2B: Non-agricultural workers (hotel, food service, etc.)

    H-3: Non-immigrant trainees

    I: Foreign media representatives

    L-1A/B: Intra-company transferees

    O: Individuals with extraordinary abilities or achievements

    P-1A: Internationally recognized athletes

    P-1B: Entertainment groups

    P-2: Performers performing under a reciprocal exchange program and

    P-3: Artists that are part of a culturally unique program

    Q: Visas for cultural exchange

.   TN NAFTA: Visas for Canadian and Mexican professionals