Applying for a visa can be a difficult task. With an endless list of rules to follow and documentation, it can become overwhelming. Gillz Immigration has the knowledge, experience and sturdy processes to help you steer complex visa procedures and file your visa application with full confidence. We provide first class services and have high success rate.

Tourist visas are issued to tourists who want to visit a country for a vacation or for sightseeing. These visas have a limited validity period and do not allow the foreign visitor to conduct any business while in the country. However, the application procedure, eligibility requirements and the required documents can vary from country to country.


Group Holiday Packages

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Canada Tourist Visa

The Canada Tourist visa is intended for any person, who wishes to visit Canada for a short term stay either for the purpose of study in a short term course or a short term work assignment whose duration is less than six months or to visit relatives and family or for a vacation. We also provide multiple ten years tourist visa and business visa for any time duration.

Australia Tourist Visa

The Australia Visit Visa is used by visiting individuals, families and businesspersons to facilitate short travel and tourism to Australia. 

Gillz Immigration is best positioned to help you with your Australia tourist visa. Our teams will help you to assess which visa type to apply under and help you with gathering and preparing your documentation, filling of forms, reviewing of all your documentation and applying for your visa

Talk to us to get your Australia visit visa process underway

USA Tourist Visa

Looking to travel for tourism? The US B2 visa is ideal for short term travellers visiting the US for non-business purposes. Gillz Immigration has helped many people successfully apply for Visas across the World. Our in-depth knowledge of the US visa process makes us the best option for you to file your US B2 Visa application.

B-visa holders can engage in the following activities when they are in the US:

·        Come to the country on a holiday

·        Visit the various cities in the country

·        Visit their friends or family

·        Take part in social events conducted by organizations

·        Visit the country for medical treatment

·        Participate in sports or music events

New Zealand Tourist Visa

A standard tourist New Zealand Visa is allotted to people who travel to the country for various purposes including business, tourist, and students or for people who wish to stay in the country. A tourist visa will allow a person to stay in NZ for 3 months and one can even apply for up to 9 months in an 18 month period, but more than 3 months will only be granted in special cases. With Gillz Immigration, getting a New Zealand visa is extremely simple and hassle-free.

UK Tourist Visa

Take a holiday or visit your friends and family in the UK with the UK tourist visa. The UK tourist visa is known as the Standard Visit Visa and is used by millions of visitors to the UK for their travel. Gillz Immigration can help you get your documentation and application right and gives you assurance about getting the visa.

Switzerland Tourist Visa

Switzerland Tourist visa, also known as Switzerland Schengen visa which allows you to visit Switzerland for tourism, events or to visit friends/family. With a Single Switzerland Schengen visa, you can visit all the other 26 Schengen countries in Europe You can apply for a Schengen visa in India by contacting us.